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This website is set up to promote our Book called FOOTPRINTS IN THE STONE, THE BRITONS' LEGACY.

PAGE 3 Comments regarding the Roman Condition in Britain today. PAGE 4 comments on recent archaeological finds and BBC programs.

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The Book has 208 pages, approximately 50,000 words with 45 colour photos, maps and, illustrations.

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To order the book, click on the Orderform red box below To Orderform

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Welcome to APT: In about 2005 I wrote to an establishment with information of my book called “FOOTPRINTS IN THE STONE”, to clearly evidence that the British (the Britons) resided in the British Isles from at least Boxgrove and the Red Man of Paviland from 500,000 and 30,000 BC, of which from historical and archaeological evidence I prove that this “British Nation” clearly progressed to found the first technologies, sciences and methods of calculation and time, from their study of the universe over eons.


I evidence that the British are the viable candidates to have colonised the Americas and other lands at 20,000 BC.


I calculate that the British were founding astronomers using mathematical (Pythagorean) principals BC, which are basically decoded at Stonehenge; whereby the monument is relative to the Celtic-Cross that was later used as a sextant and surveying and navigational instrument. Were also forefront in the sciences of metallurgy and mining on an industrial scale for home and export (is the real industrial revolution) from at least 3,500 BC; and dispatched envoys abroad to teach people in Europe and the East these very same principals.


I highlight that the Britons defeated the Romans and sent them packing on at least two occasions BC; and the bravery of British clans destroying legions AD. I also reveal the British worshiping a form of Christianity BC and a Jesus Christ during the Jesus’ missing years; including a King’s daughter converting Romans to Christianity in early AD.


I record that Roman administration exists in one form or another, and identify a Roman depravity indicative of Nazi type war crimes, to disclose a Roman deception that has lasted for at least 2011 years.


I make it clear that invaders have separated and renamed the indigenous British to be Manx, Cornish, Irish, Scottish, English and Welsh, but disclose that we actually remain British of our “British” lands, and to the greater extent our colonizing ancestors have created a Great British Nation far beyond our British shores.


I identify the Welsh playing Knappan (Rugby) 16 centuries before that English school; and the Draig Goch (red dragon) image, featured in our Welsh landscape and dragon carvings from BC.


It is evident that some media programs are trying very hard to brainwash some of our Nation into a belief they are descended from Roman, Saxon or German, which is a total misconception to try to destroy the identity of a true “British Nation”.


The Britons are called the “Lost Nation”, but actually they are the “Hidden Nation” for my book reveals a refined original British Nation from BC to present day.


After my publication, programs were produced that are basically the same format as my book in archaeological and historical respect.

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Welsh Books Council Independent Readers Review

The idea that the native pre-Roman population of Britain enjoyed a higher level of civilization and technological proficiency than usually appreciated is worthwhile.

Similarly, there is a case to be made for a general overestimation of the achievements of the Romans, a tendency to overlook their brutal tactics comparable to those of modern totalitarian regimes, and not to recognize that the historical sources are mostly written from the Roman perspective and thus propagandistic.

The idea that there were few Anglo-Saxon settlers or invaders and that the concept of an English nation was largely constructed by the historian Bede is also defensible.

The author's general enthusiasm for the subject comes across, and he has picked out some fascinating details.

The book conveys the basically sound idea that Britain has a history and cultural identity distinct from other countries that had been part of the Roman Empire

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